Mobile Video Content Consumption

If you realized you’d left your smartphone at home during your Monday morning commute to work, would you go back for it? You’d be in the majority if you said yes. It seems like smartphones are surgically attached to everyone’s hand these days. That’s why, in a recent report on global video consumption, the numbers on smartphones and mobile video consumption as no surprise.


Mobile Video Content - 2017 - Mobile video is watched more than desktop video

Mobile video consumption is on the rise.

Ooyala recently published statistics from Q1 2017 showing that 57% of all video content watched worldwide was viewed on smartphones.


Mobile Video Content - 2017 - 57% of all video is watched on mobile


When you look at just the United States, the number moves to 50% – which is up 2% from last year.

So what’s making up all the viewing time? It’s not just funny cats – or even those over-the-top prank videos. It’s actually a lot of long-form content! According to the report, videos longer than twenty minutes accounted for 55% of all videos watched on phones. That’s a huge jump of 26% from last year!

Bump the scope up to all devices, and that number rises to 63%.


Mobile Video Content - 2017 - Long form video content is popular on mobile devices


It seems mobile video consumption is growing across the world. Big surprise, right?

With the advancements in mobile internet technology and mobile video optimization, chances are that you saw this coming. Still, it’s interesting to see some of the stats. If you’d like, read the full Ooyala report here.

Now, all we need is a report on how staring at smartphone screens is affecting our necks – it’s definitely not helping anyone’s posture.

Either way, it’s important to have your content beautifully presented across all devices. The Worldplay Video Platform can do that for you, along with all kinds of awesome video-focused features geared toward our mobile world.


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