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We understand the importance of investing in our community, which is why Worldplay encourages our employees to give back via charitable initiatives.

Who we partner with


TELUS and Worldplay Communications are innovating local community content and give Canadian businesses and consumers new ways to connect with Vidflex™ virtual platforms. In partnership, our technology is being adopted for TELUS customers’ conferences and events, towns and municipality communications, virtual performing arts and entertainment events, build sports organization video hubs, and helping to preserve Indigenous cultures and foster their communities.


Worldplay is a member of TECHNATION, Canada’s leading national technology industry association, which connects individuals and organizations within the Canadian tech industry, government and educational institutions.

Additionally, TECHNATION is hosting its Career Ready virtual events using Worldplay’s versatile Vidflex™ online video platform (OVP) and is planning to host up to 20 annual conferences to connect post-secondary students with its impressive network of employers and academic institutions.

ACS Technologies

ACS Technologies launched a white labeled version of Vidflex Faith (branded as Realm Streaming), to complement its church management software for its network of 30,000 church customers throughout North America/around the world

3Sixty Live

3Sixty live is Atlantic Canada’s premier live video streaming service and acts as a content aggregator for a wide variety of sporting associations, not for profits and other organizations who are using Vidflex™ to facilitate their clients’ live and streaming event activities.


Worldplay is partnering with FiberRise to roll out Vidflex solutions to organizations across rural USA through Electric Co-Ops. FiberRise is a leader in providing Electric Co-Ops with reliable, affordable broadband networks. Electric Co-Ops serve energy providers and engines of economic development for more than 20 million American homes, businesses, farms and schools in 48 states.

Urban Ministries

Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI,) the largest independent, African American-owned and-operated Christian media company, has partnered with Worldplay to provide its vast network of churches with a comprehensive library of video resources that include Bible studies and Christian education curriculums. Using the Vidflex Faith™ video platform, UMI is able to virtually connect its global membership

Notable client activity

Vidflex™ provides businesses with an online video platform to facilitate live or on-demand virtual events and distribute specialized content, as well as to share marketing messages and secure internal communications. As more companies adapt to this predominantly digital age, the Vidflex™ video technology allows them to maximize their efficiency and improve connectivity.

TELUS has partnered with Worldplay to provide Canadian businesses and consumers with the Vidflex™ video technology to connect virtually and build digital communities.

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