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Online video is our DNA. We believe every organization has the opportunity to engage their audiences in a way that is more personal and human.We are fuelled by innovation, inspired to think different, and believe the future of communication belongs to video.

Our Mission & Values

Worldplay’s mission is to help the world teach, entertain and share through video. We successfully help our customers build their digital communities to increase connectivity and communication amongst their members, fans, employees and beyond.


We enable people to share their knowledge, creating global learning platforms. 


We give entertainers and content creators tools to captivate their audiences and grow their revenue.


We help build community and enable people and organizations to reach beyond borders.

Purpose-led technology

Our Vidflex™ technology was developed with the idea that human connections are endless in a fiber connected world and remove barriers for organizations to reach and engage audiences all over the world using video. This human-centered product design is complemented by a consistent strategy that emphasizes our customers’ need in both the present and the future.

People & Culture

We are dedicated to continuous improvement while maintaining healthy and balanced lives. We recruit people for their expertise and positive character, and we are committed  to a meaningful, collaborative culture. We value each Worldplay employee’s contributions to our company’s mission by promoting business integrity, open communication and collaboration throughout the company.

TELUS has partnered with Worldplay to provide Canadian businesses and consumers with the Vidflex™ video technology to connect virtually and build digital communities.

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