Welcome to part 4 of our in-depth platform series, where I’ll be telling you all about embedding videos!

Why is embedded video important? Well, because people like watching a whole lot more than they like reading. So replacing a page full of text with a high quality video will drive engagement through the roof!

If you’re not already embedding videos, you should get started right away! Let’s talk about how you can.

How to  Start Embedding Videos

There are tons of services available that can help you embed your content, so things can be a little different depending on which one you choose – but the general process is usually the same.

On our platform, it’s really simple.

  • Just upload your video into an online library,
  • Customize a few things – like responsiveness and stuff,
  • Copy the embed code,
  • Then paste it into your website’s code!

Viola! Now you’ve got a video on your page! Super easy, right?

Now, no matter where you’ve placed your content, you can manage everything about it using one tool.

But Wait, There’s more!

If you have a lot of videos, it’s not really all-that easy.

Organizing all of the content, displaying it attractively, and refining the user experience can be a challenge for most web designers – let alone the average person.

Instead of spending countless hours or thousands of dollars on web design, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just choose from a list of pre-built templates?

We think so. With the Worldplay Platform, you can setup an awesome video experience without any technical skills whatsoever! Simply upload, customize, and publish.

Go Your Own Way

So what works for you? Embedding a couple videos here and there? Or creating your own video network? Maybe it’s a bit of both! Whatever it is, choose a platform that works best for you.

If you’d like to learn more about creating your own video platform, fire us an email. We’d love to give you some advice!