We’re not sure who said it, but Presentation Is Everything, and this rings especially true in video marketing. Sometimes having a great story is only as good as the way you tell it, so here are our top tips that will get beginners ready for some time on camera!

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

This is a pretty simple concept but when you feel good about the way you look, you automatically exude more confidence, and you want that confidence to support the ideas that you are discussing. However, keep jewelry to a minimum but choose an outfit that is professional but shows the real “you.”


An upright and open posture communicates authority and will help you share your story with confidence. If you’re standing, practice keeping your back straight and drop your shoulders back and down. If you’re sitting, try slightly leaning forward with knees together or legs crossed, which will make you look taller, slimmer and appear more engaged.

On Camera Body Language

Be conscious of what you’re doing and film a test shot of the video to see if you’re doing anything distracting, like touching your face or fidgeting with your hands. Try incorporating basic & gentle hand gestures to make you appear more natural and find a comfortable place to rest them. Never put your hands behind your back or in your pockets because research suggests that these types of body language make you appear untrustworthy.

Your “Stage” Voice

When you’re on camera it’s important to use your natural voice because it adds personal credibility. However, if you’re feeling nervous, air on the side of a deeper voice because it makes you sound more authoritative. Also, ensure that you practice saying your key messages aloud, which will double as a vocal warm up and help you decide if what you’re saying sounds natural.


Right before you start filming, do whatever you do to relax. This could be jumping jacks, meditating, drinking some water or eating a snack. Also, take some deep breaths before you go live and continue to breathe easily while the camera is on. People tend to hold their breathe when their nervous which can speed up your dialogue, so being conscious of your breathing will help you sound and look more relaxed.