After creating a YouTube channel, you probably created channel art to make it look a little more appropriate for your brand. If you’re not sure how to customize your YouTube channel, no worries. It’s easy! When logged into YouTube, simply go to “My Channel” and click the blue “Add channel art” button. Then, follow the on-screen instructions. YouTube also provides a great guide to creating channel art that you should check out before uploading.

With some new art, you’ll have a more professional look. So, what if you want to customize your channel a little further? Unfortunately, the only customizable aspects of YouTube’s design are avatars and channel art. For those of us looking to accurately portray our personalities and/or brands, YouTube can be a real challenge.


For the most part, YouTube is a cookie cutter platform that promotes their brand more than yours. This means you’re stuck with a basic layout covered in red, white, and grey.

We’ve found that colour is a powerful aspect of effective branding. In fact:

  • A University of Loyola, Maryland study found that colour alone increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

In a world saturated with digital communication, colour plays a huge role in creating consistent messaging, brand recognition, and quality experiences for your customers.


Although colours are important, you’ll also need a consistent logo, font, and feel across all communication to establish effective branding.

To put it simply, developing a seamless look across your website, social media channels, store, packaging, and marketing material will make consumers feel more comfortable. If your customers are more comfortable, they’ll be more valuable to your business.

Generally, it takes about 5-7 impressions before someone remembers a brand. So, do you want to give your valuable brand impressions to YouTube? Of course not.

The Solution for Your Brand

Thankfully, there are alternatives to YouTube that give you the ability to customize colour, font, logo placement, and more.

We like to call these YouTube alternatives, “online video platforms”. They’re similar to YouTube, but improve on key aspects and accurately portray YOUR brand.

Here at Worldplay, we strive to create powerful online video platforms. We’re dedicated to helping our clients overcome YouTube’s limitations and discover new ways to distribute video content.

In short, branding is important to your business and helps build awareness, and customer relationships. Your video platform should help you communicate your personality, brand, and culture, not hide them.