Are you using video in your email marketing campaigns? Maybe you should. According to a recent Forrester study, including video in email increases click-through rates by 200-300%.

That’s a lot more clicks! But to achieve numbers like this, you’ll have use it effectively. Here are some helpful tips:

Video Production

Shoot quality videos. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to invest in production. Enjoyable and engaging video content is more effective. Choose subjects that are intriguing, like how-to’s, product demos, or reviews.


For top-of-funnel campaigns, keep it short and sweet. Generally, keeping your video under 90 seconds for new contacts is best. However, leads who are further along in the sales funnel will be more interested in your content. For these contacts, use longer, more informative videos.

Call to Action

What happens when viewers finish your video? Forty-six percent of users take action after viewing a video, so it’s crucial to have a strong call to action in, or around your video player. It will guide viewers to the next step in your marketing campaign, and ultimately lead to more conversions!


When “video” is included in a subject line, open rates go up 19% and click through rates are boosted by 65%. Always include the word “video” in your subject if you’re sending one. You can’t afford not to!


Many email clients don’t support embedded emails. To ensure your email marketing campaign works for everyone, mimic a video player by placing a play icon over a static image. This way, you can host the video anywhere you’d like and clicking on the image still feels natural to the user.

Video Position

Your video will be the most appealing aspect of your email, so don’t hide it. If you feature your video too far down in your email, some may not scroll to see it. Keep it up top so it can’t be ignored.


Of course, some email clients will block image downloads. It’s important to optimize your email to work in plain text. Include links to your video in the body text of your email, and ALT tags on your thumbnail image to make it look natural.

Test Your Email Marketing Campaign

Finally, before you send your campaign, send a test email to yourself and a co-worker. Ensure all links, functionality, and responsiveness is working properly.

Wrap Up

In short, a 60-second video is worth 1.8 million words. Have something that needs a lot of explaining? Use video instead of text in your next email campaign. It is very effective when done right.

If you have any questions about using video effectively in your email marketing communications, reach out to one of our specialists who will be happy to chat.

Happy filming!