What is Provisioning?

Provisioning prepares our system with the data it needs to perform a live stream. It helps us do things like: select the closest server and pre-load the appropriate live stream settings.

Previously, each live stream we hosted needed to be provisioned individually – and the process took a little while to complete. This made things tedious for our clients and limited how quickly they could launch their streams. Something needed to be done!

Express provisioning will help us significantly cut down on live stream provisioning time – improving our clients’ experience and their ability to launch streams quickly.


How does it work?

Instead of requiring provisioning for each stream, now we only need to do it once for each unique location.

Once a location has been provisioned, streams can be launched instantly at any time from that IP address. Because most of our clients stream multiple events from the same location, this change will save a lot of valuable time!


What’s next?

We’re working hard to achieve true “one-click” streaming capabilities. Multiple cameras, mixers, and bit-rates make it a bit challenging, but we’re looking forward to creating a solution.

We can’t wait to update you on more new features and other product updates as they launch!


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