Art Reimers


Art is involved in a wide range of ventures, all of which focus equally on the social and financial impact created. He is currently the Vice Chair of the Finance Committee for Mike Johnston’s campaign for US Senate seat in Colorado. He is also a Venture Partner with Draper Richards Kaplan and an Executive in Residence with the New Profit Foundation where he assists both organizations in working with high potential social entrepreneurs. Previously Art was a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Advance Leadership Initiative with his work focused on ways to improve the support of high impact social entrepreneurs focused on addressing large societal problems at scale. In addition, he is an advisor to a number of startup social ventures. After earning an MBA with honors at the Harvard Business School, Art began his career with Goldman, Sach’s & Co., retiring as a Partner in 2001. During his tenure with Goldman he worked in the Mergers and Acquisition practice, co-managed the London Advisory Group and co-headed the Global Healthcare department. After leaving Goldman he continued advising companies both public and private, before becoming a Senior Advisor with Revelry Brands, an investment firm providing growth stage private equity to unique innovative companies in the natural foods and consumer products categories. Art continues as a growth capital investor and advisor to a number of emerging companies in this field. Art’s particular passion is in the area of human rights especially addressing injustices and violence against the poor, working with opportunity youth, women’s empowerment and education reform. He has worked closely with the CEOs of organizations such as International Justice Mission, Outward Bound, and ConnCAN. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Miami University and has been an entrepreneur in residence at Harvard’s iLab.