Have you ever spent time reading countless pages of text to learn about a product update? Maybe you’ve dealt with lengthy email chains or costly travel expenses to keep on the same page with your team. Not only can these things be frustrating, but they cost your company valuable time and resources. Thankfully, internal video can convey in a few seconds what could otherwise be cumbersome to communicate. Using sights, sounds and motion, it creates an engaging experience that captures attention. In fact, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than reading emails, documents, or articles.

Internal video is almost instant, relatively inexpensive, and accessible from anywhere. Coming up with ways to use video in your business can be a bit challenging for a beginner, though. So here are the top nine formats for internal video:

1 – Recruiting with Video

Recruiting with video can make the process faster and simpler for both parties while improving your attractiveness in the job market.

2 – Using Internal Video For Onboarding

After hiring, new employees can use video content to get up to speed without taking valuable time from their colleagues.

3 – Training Videos

Training employees on new tasks can be equally time-consuming. With video, training efficiency goes up and cost goes down. In a recent study by Forrester, 87 percent of respondents said using video helps train employees faster and cheaper.

4 – Video Announcements and Communication

As business becomes more globalized, video can be used to overcome communication barriers with team members, investors, partners, and other stakeholders abroad.

5 – Product Updates

Sometimes product updates can be difficult to communicate through text. Instead, video offers the ability to create a fun and engaging piece of information that’s easy for employees to understand and enjoy.

6 – Briefings with Internal Video

Need to brief your team? Send a video and keep everyone on the same page in an instant. No meeting required!

7 – Video Conferences

With video conferees, you can always see who’s talking and how they’re expressing themselves. Plus, with on-demand recordings, nobody will miss the important stuff.

8 – News

Releasing regular company news updates is a fun way to keep everyone in the loop and create a greater sense of community.

9 – Events

Similarly, streaming events to an internal network makes employees feel included and helps build culture no matter where the team members are located.

In Short

Using video internally is a great way to communicate effectively, cut costs, and increase engagement. If you’d like, try to think of how you can use it to benefit your company. When you go to a meeting or receive and email, ask yourself, “Could we make this a video?” or, “Would a video work better here?”

The opportunities are virtually endless. I hope I helped you get a foothold in the world of internal video. Happy filming!