So, your business has decided to get started with video. Now you just need to decide what type of information you want to share and which video formats will be best to illustrate it! To help you out, we chose our top 3 formats for business: vlogs, webinars and culture videos.

#1 Vlogs

Short for “video blog,” vlog video formats originally became popular by famous YouTube celebrities, where many of their clips can acquire upwards of a million views per video!

Vlogs are typically 1-5 minutes long and are great for providing a human face to your company. While many small businesses have adopted vlogging, bigger businesses tend to steer toward the webinar model, which we’ll discuss later.

Unfortunately for them it’s a missed opportunity. Vlogs are a great way to talk about almost anything, respond to customer questions and humanize your brand.

#2 Webinars

Online seminars, or webinars, have been a foundational content asset. Especially for B2B companies looking to expand their expertise!

Gone are the days where people log in to a meeting ID and listen to voices over a lengthy Powerpoint presentation. Thanks to the growth in rich media available online, webinars are a dynamic, engaging and cost-effective way to convey information to a geographically dispersed audience.

Also, webinars are a very efficient tool for online education. They draw audiences that are interested in your topic, and highlight your company’s expertise.

But remember, offering information that is useful to your audience should be your number one priority. Lead generation will come naturally if you are providing valuable content. So, use imagery, speaker presentation, staging, and text content. Mix it up!

#3 Culture Videos

These days your customers care just as much about WHY you do something as WHAT you are doing. Culture videos are a fantastic way to highlight what is important to your business and what drives the people who work at your company.

Consumers what to know that you’re credible, ethical and trustworthy before they purchase. Let them get to know your team, passion and mission first-hand.

If you have any questions about getting started with brand videos, you can reach out to one of our video specialists who would be happy to chat. Happy filming!