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We make communication easy in a corporate world by offering a single video platform to target multiple audience groups. Whether it's internal training, onboarding new employees, shareholder or public communication, our powerful, easy to use platform is 100% customizable, ensuring the look and feel is consistent with your unique brand. You will have access to all of our features, making it quick and simple for anyone to create, manage, broadcast, and update content.

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Whether you are involved with amateur or professional sports, Worldplay's video platform will give you the tools to instantly create your own online specialty sports network. Create fun and engaging video channels for your team, club, or association with our fully customizable interface. The platform comes with all the tools you need to live stream matches, build and manage your own training and development courses, as well as create revenue streams via membership, Pay Per View and advertising opportunities.

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Media is among the most powerful forces in people\'s lives today. The entertainment industry has seen dramatic changes in the way users are watching video. When it comes to delivering a live or a video on demand event, broadcasters want to ensure their video production is delivered seamlessly, while providing an engaging online experience to their audience. Worldplay\'s video solutions will provide you with a premium online platform to broadcast one-off or multiple events over top of the Internet to reach a global audience anywhere, anytime.

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We work with schools of all sizes to build unique video platforms that give students, teachers, parents, and administration a central hub that can be used for school communication, online learning, and event access. Whether you're live streaming a school event, offering online courses, or selling sponsorship opportunities, our platform is loaded with unique features that will allow your school to create a safe, fun and engaging online space for schools to create, upload, manage and monetize their video content.

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Worldplay's video platform has been thoughtfully designed to power community iTV networks. By leveraging the power of video, our platform can help build a community culture that fosters local commerce and opens the door to world markets, service the need for better communication, provide a foundation for best-in-class online education, and present local news, culture and entertainment for all.

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Worldplay has a long-standing history of partnering with faith-based organizations to understand their technological needs and how to leverage video as a tool for ministry. The key areas that set us apart are our global distribution capabilities, satellite location broadcasting, and live video technology. We offer unique solutions to take your ministry outside the walls to build and nurture a global community. Our faith-based platform is designed to function inline with people's online viewing habits making content available while on the go.

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