Chances are, you’ve already learned what our platform is all about in the last video. If you didn’t, go back and take a look.


In this video, I’ll tell you how the Worldplay cloud and HTML5 player work together to deliver your content.


The Worldplay Cloud is in an ultra-secure and top secret location.

Anytime you upload a video or start a stream, it’s stored and hosted there.

Then, our HTML5 player pulls the data it needs and streams directly from the cloud.


This means you don’t have to host all of your videos locally OR use a third party video player.

Simply upload and share anywhere on any device! AND since it’s 100% responsive, you don’t have to worry about tedious web optimization.

For the marketing geeks like me out there, you’ll gather all kinds of analytics – whether it’s on a website or native to your platform.


So, without the cloud the HTML5 player can’t do its job – and vice versa.

They’re the two pillars that make our platform run. We just couldn’t do life without them!


Thanks for watching! In our next behind the scenes video, we’ll discuss the Worldplay content management system.