Worldplay – Behind the Scenes

Our website already lists most of our product’s features – but it doesn’t show much about anything behind the scenes. That’s why I want to give you some insight into our business, our product, and our team through a fun blog series.

Before we get into that stuff, I wanted to talk about what we do here.


Why Does Worldplay Exist?

To put it simply – we make video platforms!

What are video platforms? They’re websites that are built to host and distribute video content. Some examples you might know are YouTube, Netflix, and MLB.TV. Many individuals and organizations create these video platforms on a smaller scale, too!

One day we looked at the way people built video platforms and realized something was missing.

To build one yourself, you’d need advanced tech skills and a lot of time.

If you had a lot of money to spend, you could pay a big software company to build something more powerful and attractive.

So, what about the people that wanted something powerful and attractive – but didn’t have a fortune 500 budget? We answered that question with our own creation – the Worldplay Video Platform.

Now, anyone who wants to create their own platform – can. Using a fancy dashboard and simplified controls it’s easier than ever.


The Wordplay Video Platform Series

Over the next several weeks, you’ll meet members of our team who will explain how our platform works.

In the next video, we’ll be talking about the Worldplay Cloud and how it’s used.

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See you soon!