Who is Worldplay?

Worldplay is a video solution provider. We work with you to understand your business needs, and then help you communicate those business needs through a video platform.

How is the Worldplay video platform different from a standard website?

The Worldplay platform isn’t just a website with glued-on components. It’s a completely integrated tool that is built to manage video content seamlessly.

For example: Maybe you want to track customer data, allow users both internally and externally to different levels of access, upload internal training videos, or charge to view your content.

On a typical website; you would have to have multiple management systems for all of those things. Worldplay combined all of these systems, giving you a single point of access to manage, monetize, and analyze all of your video content.

Why would I pay for a video platform when YouTube is free?

Free always comes at a cost. There is a time and place for YouTube and Vimeo, but if you really want to control your messaging, you have to look elsewhere.

With free services, you may still own your content, but you’re giving up unfettered access to it. So it can be modified without your permission, and you actually have limited rights to what happens to your videos once they’re out there.

For example, your videos may appear side by side with your competitors. So after drawing people to your YouTube videos, you’re actually exposing them to your competitors. If branding is important to you, then why would you rely on this uncontrolled funnel?

With a Worldplay Platform, you can control your messaging. Then use analytics to understand who’s been there, how long they’ve been there, where they go afterwards, how long they stay on the page, if they replayed the video, and more. All of this is so important in building an effective video strategy.

My tech team says “we can do it ourselves”

Yes anybody can put an embed code into a website, but now what? What if I want to restrict access, charge for it, or get data on it? Again, with Worldplay we take care of everything. You don’t have to worry about hardware upgrades, software upgrades, different roles and responsibilities, or even the evolution of your video platform. It’s all brought to you in one place.

And the other aspect of doing it yourself is the player environment. A lot of people say “Hey my video works great on android, but not on iOS.” Why? Because they’re different video players. So again at Worldplay we offer a completely responsive solution.