Welcome to another episode of our behind-the-scenes look at the Worldplay Video Platform. Today, we’ll be discussing monetization.

Thanks to social media, most of us have uploaded a video to share with our friends and family – or anyone else to see. But there are a select few who share their content to a more exclusive, paying audience. We’re not talking about big production companies, though. These days, anyone with stellar content can start earning cash – including you!

How? Well, you could use multiple programs, plugins and other gizmos to sell content – but you don’t have to. Using the Worldplay Video Platform makes it super easy by combining all of these components into one. Here’s how it works:


Monetizing Video With Worldplay

First off, you’ll need your own Worldplay Platform.

Then you’ll need to set up an account with one of our payment providers. That’s where we’ll send the money whenever somebody purchases your content.

Next, simply upload your videos and organize them however you’d like.

Now comes the fun part – choosing how to sell your content!

  • Do you want to offer Pay-Per-View?
  • Or charge a recurring subscription fee?
  • Maybe you just want to display paid advertising.

Whatever you choose to do, each option is only a few clicks away. And the best part? We don’t take a cut of your revenue after transaction fees. What’s yours will always be yours.

It’s that simple! We combine encoding, hosting, management, playback, payments, and more – all into one easy to use tool.


Get Started with Monetization Today!

To find out more about how the Worldplay Platform can work for you, get in touch with us. Our video platform experts would be happy to chat.