Do customers really find video content helpful in making decisions? They do! Your business can use video marketing throughout the customer decision-making process. It’s easier than you might think!

Implementing Video Marketing

From brand awareness and solution-driven messaging, to testimonials and personalized demos, video now plays an essential role at all phases in the buyer’s purchase process.

In a report by Ascend2, the companies that are seeing the greatest success with video marketing ranked the importance and effectiveness of different types of videos in the following order, starting with the most effective:

  1. Customer testimonials and reviews
  2. On-demand product demonstration videos
  3. Explainer and tutorial videos
  4. Thought leader interviews
  5. Project reviews and case studies
  6. Live and on-demand webinars
  7. Video blogs
  8. Event videos

Try implementing a full video content strategy in your next campaign!

Personalized Video

Personalization is a key tactic that has swept across every single online touch point like email or mobile search. In 2016 we will see this continue to rise with the personalization of video content.

Information that is unique to each individual viewer makes for a truly tailored content experience. In 2015 personalized video generated anywhere from a 200% to a 1500% increase in actionable visitor behaviour, like purchases!

Multi-Channel Distribution

Video marketing has become a discipline that requires thoughtful execution in both creative development and syndication. While YouTube has previously lead the way for distribution, more companies are starting to implement their own multi-channel content platforms, and leverage branded websites and custom channels to house their expanding video libraries.

Businesses are growing their use of digital channels well beyond YouTube to reach their audiences wherever they happen to live online.

If you would like to learn more about using video in your organization, view our other videos below.