Professional broadcasts are like a fine work of art. Filming sports using perfect angles, awesome timing, and flawless movement. So how can you achieve the same level of quality in your live stream?

Well, you may not have multiple cameras, a film team, or a director, but there are some simple things you can do to give your broadcast that professional look.

  1. Whatever it is you need to do before the game, make sure you’re ready to film for an extended period of time.
  2. Setup on the sidelines with some elevation, and double check that your camera is level, and there isn’t anything in the way.
  3. Take some shots to test your equipment and ensure everything is working properly. This is the key to filming sports, and other things successfully every time.
  4. If you have an overlay on the screen, adjust your shot so it’s not blocking the action like it is here.
  5. Remove all distractions from your shooting space. Put away your phone, and focus on your task.
  6. To ensure you catch the action happening out of your shot, keep one eye on the shot, and one on the play.
  7. Avoid zooming too quickly. Always zoom slowly and steadily.
  8. Along with slow zooming, smooth and steady movements and panning will look best. Fast, and jerky movements are distracting and annoying.
  9. Of course, you should always follow the puck or ball when it’s in play. To get the best quality shots, stay ahead of the play mentally, and anticipate what’s coming next so you can prepare your angle.
  10. Give lead room for the play to progress within the current shot. If the play leaves and enters the shot constantly, it’s hard to follow.
  11. If you ever lose the play, zoom out until you find it, then zoom in again.
  12. When the play stops, vary your shots. For example: Zoom in on a team during timeouts, or the net during warmups, or anything the crowd may find interesting.
  13. If you have play-by-play announcers, focus on what they’re saying. They could help you predict the action. Providing shots that support the commentary improves the quality of the broadcast.

Next Step to Filming Sports Like a Pro

To learn some new skills, watch some games from the big leagues. They may have more cameras, equipment and people, but you’ll learn valuable techniques.

To hone your skills, practice! The players you’re filming practice often, and so should you! Consider shooting practices or warm-ups. The more time you spend behind the lens, the better your shots will become!