For many businesses, trying to get started with video marketing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating video into your existing content marketing strategy simply requires planning to create something that’s worth watching, will resonate with your target audience and will generate real results.

#1 Set one clear goal for your video.

What single goal do you want to achieve with this video? Ask yourself: What can video do to move me closer to reaching my goal beyond what I’m already doing? What type of video should I make? Conversion, teaching or branding?

#2 Make your video compelling and worth watching.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional to help create your video. There a few easy steps to follow to make your video look polished.

  • Write a script – And practice reading it out loud before shooting your video.
  • Consider who your narrator is – Make sure they are comfortable on camera and speaks clearly.
  • Build your set – this doesn’t have to be fancy. A good place to start is choosing a place without a distracting background.
  • Use the equipment you have – ideally, you’d like to use a professional video camera but mobile cameras can produce very high quality video and sound.
  • Add music – it sets the tone for your video and adds professionalism.
  • Include B-Roll footage – No one wants to watch just a talking head. Include engaging imagery that your narrator can speak to.
  • Choose a compelling cover frame – This will entice your audience to press “Play.”

#3 Get your video in front of your audience.

Promote your video on multiple channels, such as email, your website, landing pages and social media. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all support video content – just make sure you choose the best clips to grab your viewers’ attention. Also consider video ad platforms that offer advanced audience targeting options.

If you have any questions about how to get started with video marketing, you can reach out to one of our video specialists who would be happy to chat. Happy filming!