What is Analytics?


Analytics provide information about the visitors to your website.

They can be descriptive of the user themselves, such as their location, or what language they speak, OR their behavior, like how they found your site and how long they visited for.

Using data, analytics can answer questions like:

What time of day do most people visit? What content is the most popular? OR, which advertising campaigns are most effective at leading to a purchase? And other important questions.


What Analytics Tools Do We Use?


The Worldplay Video Platform integrates directly with Google Analytics, or “G.A”.

We chose G.A. because they are the leading analytics platform on the internet – and many of our clients already use them.

By integrating directly with your existing G.A. account, we add important video-specific metrics without taking away any existing G.A. tools.


What Do We Track?


We track and collect video playback metrics such as:

  • Number of video plays
  • Average length of a play
  • Whether someone watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the video

This data can be combined with the information that G.A. already collects to run some very useful queries, such as:

  • Do visitors who find my site through Social Media watch more video than those that find it through search?
  • Where are most of my video plays coming from? Which Country / State / Province / City?
  • Are visitors watching more video on mobile or desktop?

All of this information helps you analyze your platform, and make key decisions and changes to improve it.


How Does It Work?


When someone watches a video on your platform, we send a “ping” to Google Analytics. Google then takes this information and adds it to your Google Analytics account.

If you have Google Demographics and Interest Reports enabled on your G.A. account, Google will also look at data gathered from other websites to provide you with a “profile” of the visitors to your site.

You can then see, for example, Google can determine what topics they’re interested in, and even what they’re looking to buy!

These demographics and interest reports can be extremely useful for finding advertisers and sponsors for your content.


What Are We Planning on Implementing?


Right now, we’re collecting video playback statistics on our own, as well as sending them to G.A. This makes it easy to analyze data that is difficult to find using just G.A.

G.A. has some limitations. For example, they are very careful to ensure that you can’t see individual users in the analytical data. It’s great for looking at what your visitors are doing in aggregate, but if you want to track a specific lead to see which videos they watched, you can’t.

This is where I see the biggest gap in the G.A. solution right now. It makes sense for us to allow the tracking of individual leads across the platform. This is something we’ll be working toward.


Thanks for Watching!


Well, that’s it! Thanks for watching! If you have any questions or want to try out our platform for yourself, we have a great team here that can help you get started.