Earlier this year, comScore released a report regarding the state of OTT (over-the-top) video consumption in America.

Their data was collected from 12,000 households located across the USA.

Findings in the OTT video study

It was found that 54% of households engage in viewing OTT content – a number that has been increasing steadily in the recent past (illustrated below).



How is the OTT video content consumed?

The analysis found that out of all Wi-Fi enabled households:

  • 40% own a video streaming box or stick
  • 30% have a smart TV
  • 28% have a connected gaming console
  • 25% use a connected DVR
  • 7% own a connected DVD / Blu-Ray Player



Market Share of OTT Service Providers

What’s most interesting about the report is the content that these households are consuming. When looking at the share of the OTT consumption market:

  • Netflix accounts for 40%
  • YouTube accounts for 18%
  • Various other services accounted for 21%
  • Hulu for 14%
  • Amazon for 7%



This data indicates the extent of video on demand and OTT video content’s growing presence in the market.

It’s very exciting news for cable-cutting enthusiasts, content creators, and platforms — such as the Worldplay Video Platform — that distribute OTT content.




About the research: The report was conducted by comScore in April 2017. Data was collected from 12,000 households across the United States. A version of this article originally appeared on marketingprofs.com.