How many times have you spent hours preparing a presentation, only to find that it’s lulling your attendees into a peaceful sleep? Don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault. Generic presentations have been boring since PowerPoint became a thing in 1987. Not all hope is lost, though. Video can help make presentations engaging again!

Engaging Presentations?!

An engaging presentation sounds like an urban legend, doesn’t it?

It’s a real thing, we promise. Well timed videos can take your presentation to the next level! They bring energy into the room and give you a chance to tell a story that will entertain your audience.

When done right, they cause viewers to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, or sadness. When emotions are combined with impactful information, lasting memories are created – which is great for presenters like us!

How to Do It Yourself

Do you want to become a presentation pro? Your best bet is to embed your video using an embed link from YouTube, your Worldplay Platform, or whatever player you use directly into a PowerPoint slide.

Before you do that, though, consider these tips!

Stay relevant

Choose a video that drives your point home rather than distracting people from it.

Be emotional

Again, videos trigger emotion. Don’t be afraid to use them to excite, inspire, or anything that helps communicates your message while making it more entertaining for the audience.

Make them fun

Video’s biggest advantage is illustration. Nobody wants to go from watching somebody talk, to watching somebody talk on a video. So, always show rather than tell.

Be smooth

Imagine watching a super exciting video, only to be met with the somber tone of an uninspired presenter. Would kind of kill the mood, right? That’s why it’s important to understand the emotion in your videos so you can transition to, and from speaking without a hitch.

Go shorter

Usually, long videos are boring, distracting, and can kill your momentum. Try to keep them short so your message stays clear, and people stay engaged.

Keep things fresh

Try to insert videos sporadically throughout your presentation to give your audience a fun, and emotionally charged break from the monologue.

Try It Yourself!

So, now that you know more about the relationship between presentations and video, give it a try! If you do, tweet us @Worldplay and let us know how it went!

As always comrades, have nice day.