According to Forrester Research, Online Video Platform’s are no longer just for media companies and broadcasters. Today, Online Video Platforms help businesses evangelize their message, support the full customer life cycle and increase sales.

Let’s take a look at how each stage of the customer lifecycle can be supported by an enterprise-class online video platform like Worldplay.


The beginning of the customer life cycle begins with awareness. How do customers find your business?

When combined with other marketing efforts, general brand videos and social-driven videos help new prospects find your business. However, make sure you have control over how these videos are displayed. Many free platforms make money by selling ads, including those of your competitors, which could distract your viewer from your own brand.


Once a prospect has discovered your business, hopefully, they’ll want to learn more. As they look for more information, you should be providing strong messaging that draws attention and interest. Video content does just that!

Testimonials and case studies from existing clients provide an informative and useful look at how your product is being used in the real world. They help people relate to your brand a little more, and build trust.

On the same token, product videos provide vivid and detailed introductions to the features and benefits of your product. Psst, did you know 90% of online shoppers say videos help them make buying decisions?

After your potential customer finds the information they wanted, make sure you have a way for your customers to engage with you.


When your potential customers want to learn more, video blogs supplement a meeting or phone call and allow the prospect to get answers to common questions while experiencing the culture of your business.

Your blog content should be interesting and provide useful information that’s not always directly related to your product. Nobody wants to read about your features all day!

When prospects see that you understand their problems, it’ll be much easier to make the sale. So ask the experts and get people from different roles involved in producing your content.


When your customer is ready to buy, they want to see exactly what they’ll be getting. So, what might be necessary to make the sale?

Product demos! Not lames ones, though. Your demos should show off your product and highlight the strengths your product has over the competition. Typically, product demo videos also cover the common questions that your sales people get before closing a sale.


Sa-weet! Your new customer bought your stuff. Now it’s time to build a great relationship through a smooth onboarding process.

Quick-start guides give your customer all the information they need after their purchase.

Organize the videos using tags or keywords that make it easy for customers to sort through the content and find what they’re looking for. Thankfully separating, and hiding irrelevant videos is easy with the Worldplay Platform.


After your customer has used your product for a little while, how do they become an expert?

In-depth tutorials provide hands-on demonstrations of different ways your product can be used.

When your customers have questions, show them rather than telling them.

Increase Sales With Video

Traditional online video platforms often require significant in-house resources to integrate and customize the platform. Worldplay provides an enterprise-class online video platform without the requirement of in-house technical staff to customize a traditional online video platform.

Choose a partner that can support the full customer lifecycle and helps you increase sales.