With today’s complex business environment, keeping the workforce happy, motivated and productive is more challenging than ever. But employers have found a new tool in boosting the ever-elusive measure of employee engagement – video.

Here are the top 3 ways video can enhance employee engagement!

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Drive A Culture of Wellness
  • Improve Corporate Transparency


Onboarding is so much more than orientation. Shift to a more strategic onboarding by engaging your new hires before day one and throughout their employee journey with consistent messaging regarding benefits, payroll, and company values. Implementing video into this process will improve employee productivity, and increase retention rates.

Wellness Culture

Wellness programs have surged in recent years, with more companies promoting healthier lifestyles.But employees are not taking full advantage of their benefits.

Implementing video solutions can help companies drive wellness program engagement, reduce healthcare costs, and improve productivity by educating employees on their options.

Corporate Transparency

Forward-thinking companies understand that video can be a powerful tool in increasing corporate transparency. It can play a key role in communicating culture to those inside and outside of the organization, such as potential employees, customers, or investors.

For example, videos can be used to highlight important quarterly business updates, keep employees up-to-date, and bridge the gap between offices and remote workers.

Video and Employee Engagement

To sum it up, video communication is an essential element when informing and engaging with your team.

We now live in an age where – people are wanting and expecting to communicate through video. It’s up to us to adapt to these needs.