Ian MacDonald


Ian was the visionary and founding partner for Liquidity. It became one of British Columbia’s premiere boutique wineries before being acquired early in 2020 by the Mark Anthony Group, a massive international liquor company and owners of White Claw.

He was the CEO and Founder of Moving Products Inc., a company that was the largest supplier of Olympic premiums and uniforms in the World over the course of 24 years and 13 Olympic Games. Clients were largely from the Fortune 500 and included IBM, 3M, Visa, Kodak, Coca Cola, BMW, Time Inc, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Samsung along with many more. From 1983 to 1988 Ian was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Sunice Clothing Company. He was instrumental in creating one of the most successful retail clothing brands in Canada and United States.

Over the years he has provided support and advice to countless start ups. One of the most notable is iStock Photo that is now valued at over $1 billion.