Create an Online Broadcast Network

Create your own world-class sports network with incredible ease. Get the tools that will allow you to grow your fan base, create new revenue opportunities, and bring live and VOD content to the world. No technical skills required.

Live & On-Demand Streaming

Seamlessly deliver live broadcasts from your platform, allowing fans to stream the action in real-time. Options allow viewers to start and rewind at their leisure.

Once the event is over, automatically create Video on Demand (VOD) content that can be watched, and re-watched.

Live Streaming

Upload Your Season Schedule in One Click

Upload a CSV file of all your games and events and let the platform take care of the rest. Your season, tournament, or weekend round-robin will be pre-scheduled with all the details so you can spend time on what matters most.

Build excitement of your upcoming events and create live countdown pages to drive your marketing efforts.


Create New Revenue Streams

Monetize your platform through built in tools including:

  • Recurring memberships
  • Sponsored ad placements
  • Subscriptions
  • Pre-roll advertising
  • Pay-per-view
Revenue Streams

Create Unlimited Channels

Channels allow you to have multiple administrators for different pages of your platform.

Create unlimited channels for every school, team, organization, or sponsor, and assign administrative rights to upload and manage their own video content.

Member Channels

Control Access to Your Live or Recorded Videos

By restricting access to certain content, you can ensure the right people are seeing the content intended for them.

Privacy Controls

We’ll show you how easy it is to reach more fans and create new revenue opportunities with a Worldplay video platform.