Take Control of Your Videos

Whether you’re using video to promote your business, onboard new employees, train staff, or communicate to stakeholders, the Vidflex Video Platform provides your business with the tools you need to control and manage both your internal and external video communication.

A Natural Extension of Your Brand

First impressions matter. When you’re on a Worldplay video platform, you control your brand. No third party logos or colours. Your video platform should be consistent with the rest of your business — professional, clean, and recognizably you.

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Control Access to Your Internal Videos

We understand that some videos you’d like to share, some you’d like to keep private. That’s why we’ve included advanced security features to give your business ultimate control over who can view and share your content.

Options include: password protection, login requirements, user accounts, user groups, and much more.

Privacy Controls

Unique Video Channels for Every User Group

Whether it’s your customers, staff, vendors, or investors, everyone should be able to access the videos applicable to them, without having to navigate through multiple pages or filter options.

Create unlimited channels and assign administrators to manage and upload video content intended for each viewing audience.

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Real-Time Analytics to Optimize Your Performance

In real-time, you can monitor the who, what, where and when of your viewing audience. Use this information to optimize your content and drive traffic to top performing videos.


Live Stream Your AGM or Corporate Events

Live stream your next event directly from your platform. Whether it’s a one off event or a series of multiple live streams, the Worldplay Video Platform allows you to schedule, promote, and broadcast professional live streams to your audience. Our live streaming features come complete with live countdown timers, event registration, security controls, monetization options, and world-class support.

Live Stream Your AGM or Corporate Events

Take control of your video content today!